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Types of glass

Do you want to best protect your subjects to be framed, without being bothered by reflections? It's possible! 

verre pour encadrement sur mesure Nice 06.jpg

CLARYL glass,
Anti reflection

The reflections of light are stopped without affecting the brightness of the image. This anti-reflective glass provides color neutrality and glass transparency for light and contrasting colors.

Verre anti reflet tableau, Verre anti reflet tableau Nice 06, Espace SOARDI



Les reflets de la lumière sont stoppés sans pour autant agir sur la brillance de l’image. Ce verre anti-reflet offre une neutralité des couleurs et une transparence du verre pour les couleurs claires et contrastées.

verre anti UV reflet espace soardi_edited.jpg

MIROGARD glass, Anti-reflective & Anti-UV museum glass

This special lens is the result of an exclusive combination of UV protection and anti-reflective quality. The protection from UV rays is invisible in your frame, the colors are faithful to the subjects for a long time.

Verre anti-UV pour tableau, Verre anti UV pour tableau Nice 06, Espace SOARDI

CLARYL glass,
Anti reflection

The best protection for your works of art. Anti-reflective - for optimal vision without reflections anti-static - thus ideal for pastels, charcoals, sensitive surfaces, light weights and textiles.

Abrasion resistant - it resists minor scratches associated with frequent cleaning. It can be reused for travel and temporary exhibitions.
UV protective (98%) - where light is not filtered directly at the source, so ideal for displaying sensitive objects 50% lighter than glass - perfect for unstable frames, large works format and/or if the glass is too heavy.

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